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Writing Prompt 4

So you have the idea for a character but you’re still having a hard time fleshing them out. Why not take a personality test for that character.

Here’s what you need to do:

Take a pen and paper and write out the very basic qualities for your character then put on your writing hat and head on to http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp.  With your character in mind, complete the Myers Briggs Assessment.   Once you print out the result, head on to www.typelogic.com to read more about that personality type.  Keirsey.com also has information about temperaments. By the time you are done with these sites, you should have a load of ideas to move ahead with your project.


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Writing Prompt 3

Need a story starter? Here is an easy way to get one – go out.  At the mall, or even in the grocery stores, sometimes at the gym but most probably everywhere you go; you are most likely to overhear somebody else’s conversation even without making a deliberate attempt at it.  Write down whatever you hear today even if it doesn’t make sense.  When you get back home, think about it as something your main character would say and create a story about why he/she said it.

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Writing Prompt 1

I find that using writing prompts can sometimes help resolve a writer’s block. So here’s one to give you a push if you need one today.

Pick a favorite song (contemporary or not) just regular song from any genre or even one from a hymn book and write another verse to it.

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