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I reach out

He runs

Sometimes in circles

Sometimes he comes near

but when I reach out

He runs away

On and on

We go through this everyday


Sometimes in the company of friends

He dares to venture near

But alone he’d rather back off

when i reach out to him

and sometimes he barks at me


I’m astounded

Who scarred you li’l brother

Why do you run?

What‘s so vivid in your memory

That makes you reach out

And at the point of contact let go


It is better nowadays though

with another you come

And only then can you be touched


Today I touched your head

And I was surprised you’d let me

watching warily from the corner of your eyes

my hand upon your head

But soon after,

you ran


Many a time I’ve watched

musing about the amazing parallel

between you and I

You gave me hope today

Yet you still ran afterwards


How long till you trust me?

How long till I trust?


I don’t mean to hurt you

But do you know that?


You are an enigma

And you are a playful fella

I’ve seen you play with friends

Now I’m supposed to end this all

With a fancy phrase

But the parallel is so large


In my minds eye

I sit and watch you

As we sit face to face

Pondering about life as we see it

I suppose then

That this poem will not be finished

But the story will end

Happily I pray.


©2001 Dotun Adejuyigbe


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