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Why ’twas only

’twas only yesterday

I saw John Goodman lonely

Like a solitary needle in hay

Surrounded by manly

Yet in the midst of none

"What ails thee my friend". "plenty"

" I’ll thank you, kind sir to lend me your gun"

I sat with him to hear a tale

That brought tears to his eyes

"O human nature, how frail"

he had loved a woman of ice

Who had made a plaything out of a kind man

Who finally summoned courage to ask

But, nay, he’d always be her "dear man"

In a confusing answer that took him to task


Why ’twas only this morn

’twas this cheerless morning I’m sure

I heard a haughty John Goodman say

As he a good woman scorned

The light in his eyes was long gone

Replaced by the gloomy darkness of rage

It’s over woman, begone

Your tears move me none,

Love, Bah, its for fools

And my wise heart has been schooled.


©2008 Dotun Adejuyigbe


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