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Mental Pabulum 4

Perfect timing is a matter of perspective and perspective is a subject of the individual .


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Mental Pabulum July 18, 2009

You can never change a person, you only change their thoughts and you don’t really change their thoughts you merely subdue one for another which means the subdued thought can resurface at any time.

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Mental Pabulum

I’m adding a new category of posts called mental pabulum which in everyday English means – food for thought.  Watch out for the weekly posts and leave your comments.

Here is the Mental Pabulum for this week:

People who are envious of you will always try to put you down. They never recognize your successes instead they magnify your weaknesses. They would never let you forget your failures. The reason for their behavior is this: the only way they get to feel better about themselves and move past their own failures is either by putting by on the same level as themselves or by putting you beneath them. What you need to do, is to flee from the company of such people otherwise you’ll only end up seeing yourself as a failure all the time. Pause and think on this.

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