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I’ll be there

Sometimes you cry

But things don’t get better for the tears

At times like these, have no fear

‘Cause I’ll be there

To hold you near

© 2000 Adekunle Adejuyigbe


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It is said of Yeats I think


What instruments we have tell us the day he died was bleak and cold

Well then the day you died,

‘Twas a roaring storm

That shook the foundations of the entire offshore platform

And made men at sea pray to God to spare them

When an iron structure with roots in the sea bed

Waved in a cruel waltz that made the hair on your head stand

With the anemometer pirouetting in an eye boggling spin.

Yet in me I could not connect it

Till a phone call the next day to say

"Prof. don mud"

Marking my entry into another phase of existence

Some insist it was my initiation to manhood

Was it?

All I knew

As I tried to find the pictures

To understand it with

Was that

Daddy was dead.


©2001 Dotun Adejuyigbe

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Like the vulture I wait like the eagle to fly

Like the vulture I wait

Like the eagle to fly

High into the skies above I’ll fly

Far above places we’ve seen

To places I’ve dreamed


There’s so much I’ve not seen

But wait they will

Every day I live

With my past that’s been

Make up my future that will be


I will dine with Kings

I will dance with Queens

I’ll build a castle the sky to touch

With the lord by my side

to be my torch


Like the mountains I stand

In my world to plan

So much to do I’ll say again

But time once lost we can’t regain


I know one day I’ll leave this place

For a place so high the skies displace

But after me my works on earth remain

And every where you go my hymn you’ll hear

On the lips of the saints as they watch at night


Like the vulture I wait

Like the eagle to fly.


©2000 Kunle Adejuyigbe

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The rose danced with the wind


Many thought it ridiculous

What! with the restlessness of the Wind

And the placid abiding of the Rose


But O, the sight remains in my mind still

Of an improbable dream come true


For it was just a day ago

When the ubiquitous, shapeless,

Formless Wind


Together with the beautiful, shapely, scented

Stationary, thorny, Rose


Hand in hand and

Heart to heart as only they could


Yes it was yesterday

When the skies lent the moon for lights

While the stars sprinkled the earth showers of golden sparks


Then, the Rose,

Danced with the Wind.


© 2007 Dotun Adejuyigbe

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Shall all arise?

In one language speak

Shall color no more

Be the language of love


Shall we all wake in the dawn?

Bask in the sunlight

Rest at twilight

With frisson in our hearts


Shall the music of change

Bring a rhythm

That would last beyond the dance

With the message of chance


Shall the echoes of the speech

Ring true in our hearts

Deep beyond the reach

Of the human eye


Has the veil of color been moved?

Can ability! Can labor! Can sweat!

Be allowed to sift

The wheat of selection?


Shall the oven of color

Bake no more in the hearts of men

The inferior bread

Without recourse to the taste


Shall jobs be free for all?

Can qualified be demystified

Can stardom be thrown?

At random to all


Can we say?

As we pray

That `A Change has come!’


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa

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Thinking of Michael Jackson

The recent death of Michael Jackson reminded me of this poem I wrote a few years ago titled If I should die (see below).  When I dug the poem out and read it, I could see why it had come to my mind

Michael has indeed accomplished his life’s work and left his and ideas as legacy not just for those alive today but for generations of people who are yet unborn.  We need not weep for Michael but celebrate his life for this is one man who went empty -  to the grave giving to life all he had to give.

So here’s to Michael who had given so much to our world – Rest in Peace and thanks for not being selfish. Thank you for giving all you had to make the world a better place.



If I should die

If I should die this day

Roll out the drums and celebrate

Let no eye be moist

Let no tear drop

For when I die

My life’s work is done


Many came in the world before me

Others came when I did

Lots have come after me

And many more are yet to come

Millions have died unfulfilled

Pregnant with ideas

They were laid to rest

Life and purpose dead and gone

Buried under cold stone slabs


This prayer did pass across my lips

Lord let this not be my lot

Give me the strength to run my course

And A sense of purpose

For focus each day

God faithful as He is

Promised me grace to run the race


Thus if this be the day I die

Weep not for me I say

For when I die

I go empty to the grave

Every one of my dreams fulfilled

My mission fully accomplished

My vision and ideas as legacy I leave

For those who are yet to be

© 2001 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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Tell Father I cried


I cried for the loss of a father

For the loss of innocence

I cried for being made to grow up in an instant

For being told not to cry


I cried because I knew

It would never be the same

I cried for the loss of counsel

That only a father could give


I cried for children like me

Whose silent tears were never heard

For being made a shoulder

Whence indeed, I needed a shoulder


I cried for the burden of a mother

So young and timid

Her silence so loud, I could hear it speak

Agonies of her heart, no one would know


I cried for him

Death came too quickly

I cried for my tomorrow

With no father in it

I cried for the songs in the night

That only I could hear

I cried with all my might

Perhaps I might bear


The loss of a father

© 2008 Aderinola Onokpasa

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Jungle Justice



Ingrate’s men are wailed the tree

I give to him the air he breathes

I shelter him in the storm

Yet grateful to me he wouldn’t be

He cuts me up and drains my blood

My limbs he uses for his fire

Ah such agony he gives to me

For to my children he does the same

You think that agony says the sea

I give to him the clouds he needs

I bear him unto distant lands

Yet with dyes he poisons me

And perhaps you haven’t heard

How he from the cradles my children snatches up

A murderer him I would call

How he loves you both says the sky

I shelter him from the sun

Dangerous gases I keep away

Yet my face he does not want to see

Thus with smoke and gases he chokes me up

And all because he has the power

An oppressor that’s what he is

Shut you all up says the land

What of I who hold you all in place

I give to man a stepping stone

But what does he give in return

Large holes he digs into me

And my innards he exploits

My liver he uses for a chain

My spleen for his earrings use

My heart uses he for his fuel

And now I hear you all cry out

What more agony could be

Greater than this

Aye all you call man that he is and more

A destroyer that’s my name for him

What do we they all cried out?

For we can see he respects us not

I will began the land

Refuse the holes in me to refill

“And I will……” he also says

Under the sea hide my face

Then…. said the sea with glee

I will flood all his lands

His poisons I also will

Give back to him for his drink

Then the sky says to them

I will roll up my skirts right away

And let the wicked gases have their way

As for me says the tree

I will no children bear again

One day none of me he will find

To build his fire then he’ll die from cold

How then they clapped and rejoiced

A way out…… they all had found

To deliver justice unto man


© 1999 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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Will you be there

Sometimes I feel all alone in a world so cold

Sometimes I’m afraid to face tomorrow

Sometimes the Sun refuses to shine on me

Sometimes the world turns it’s back on me

Sometimes I look for shelter from the storm but I find none

Sometimes friends become fiends

Sometimes pain makes my whole day

Sometimes I feel lost in a world so small

Sometimes I ask myself if God is not but a name

Sometimes I feel roads lead nowhere

Sometimes I search for love but I find none

Sometimes I feel the world is not a place to be

Sometimes I search in vain for a shoulder to lean on

Sometimes feel I just can’t go on

In times like these will you be there for me?

© 2000 Adekunle Adejuyigbe

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As I lay me down to rest

Thoughts of the day gone

Memories of challenges overcame

And reflections of dreams yet unfulfilled

Flicker across my weary mind


I fell asleep

Yet my brain would not

And through the night

Countless thoughts it did recall

Filling my mind with dread

for the coming day


What fights lie in stock?

What challenges coming on?

What strategy to employ

Yet these all eluded me

For the day was yet to come


I woke up at dawn

A smile across my kips

No matter what lies before

I never would give up


© 1999 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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