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Shall I tell?

I look into the eye

Of the baby called today


I speak of a lost generation

Waiting to be revived


I speak of raw stones

Waiting to be polished


I speak of time

Waiting to be captured


I speak of a future

Being mortgaged today


I speak of hollow homes

Fractured by the life’s demands


I speak of children

Left to their own devices


I speak of legacies

Being buried with the dead


I speak of tears

Becoming the norm


I speak of an unplanned future

Of a future I fear

If there are no sutures

Of love and care

Holding the present and past

Till at last we reach

The town of hope


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa


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Till I believe

It won’t be real

Till I believe

It won’t hurt me

Till my heart comes to accept

That the voices out there

Are really the voices I need to hear

That the echoes or resonance of other’s thoughts

Echoes what should really be

Till my heart stops standing

Till my inner voice chooses silence

Over that which I know to be true

It won’t really be

Till I believe


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa

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Two hearts

Two hearts we are

one love we share

The union of our hearts

Has brought our dreams,

Our lives,

Our thoughts,

Together as one

Ours isn’t just love

It is true love

And our love,

Will grow


© 1999  Aderinola Adejuyigbe (aka Derin Onokpasa)

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Shall all arise?

In one language speak

Shall color no more

Be the language of love


Shall we all wake in the dawn?

Bask in the sunlight

Rest at twilight

With frisson in our hearts


Shall the music of change

Bring a rhythm

That would last beyond the dance

With the message of chance


Shall the echoes of the speech

Ring true in our hearts

Deep beyond the reach

Of the human eye


Has the veil of color been moved?

Can ability! Can labor! Can sweat!

Be allowed to sift

The wheat of selection?


Shall the oven of color

Bake no more in the hearts of men

The inferior bread

Without recourse to the taste


Shall jobs be free for all?

Can qualified be demystified

Can stardom be thrown?

At random to all


Can we say?

As we pray

That `A Change has come!’


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa

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Tell Father I cried


I cried for the loss of a father

For the loss of innocence

I cried for being made to grow up in an instant

For being told not to cry


I cried because I knew

It would never be the same

I cried for the loss of counsel

That only a father could give


I cried for children like me

Whose silent tears were never heard

For being made a shoulder

Whence indeed, I needed a shoulder


I cried for the burden of a mother

So young and timid

Her silence so loud, I could hear it speak

Agonies of her heart, no one would know


I cried for him

Death came too quickly

I cried for my tomorrow

With no father in it

I cried for the songs in the night

That only I could hear

I cried with all my might

Perhaps I might bear


The loss of a father

© 2008 Aderinola Onokpasa

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Life before us is like a drama

Our lives remain just a part

Or a character in the play

Who but great men live on

When mortality has fulfilled its course

Your deeds live on in the hearts of people

Your works speak after you’re long gone

Your name never would be forgotten

If on the sands of time

Your footprints show goodwill.

© 1999 Aderinola Adejuyigbe (aka Derin Onokpasa)

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