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Shall I tell?

I look into the eye

Of the baby called today


I speak of a lost generation

Waiting to be revived


I speak of raw stones

Waiting to be polished


I speak of time

Waiting to be captured


I speak of a future

Being mortgaged today


I speak of hollow homes

Fractured by the life’s demands


I speak of children

Left to their own devices


I speak of legacies

Being buried with the dead


I speak of tears

Becoming the norm


I speak of an unplanned future

Of a future I fear

If there are no sutures

Of love and care

Holding the present and past

Till at last we reach

The town of hope


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa


March 19, 2010 - Posted by | Derin, guest post

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  1. Yes Go tell it
    O yes my dear tell it
    Tell it that they may know
    That it does exist
    That it sued to be
    That they need not fear
    That it is new
    That it is buried in our todays habits
    Tell them my dear tell them

    Draw it
    Write it
    Sing it
    Show it
    Perform it
    Publish it

    Yes the future..
    The one we spoke about yesterday
    The one we are seeing
    The one in held in a lineage
    The one that speaks of mastery
    The one of excellence
    The one spoken of
    And we see
    (My Soliloquies)
    But will the simple think it?
    and the foolish..
    Will they know it?
    Are we proud?
    Are we high?
    Too high?
    Are they dim?

    Please my dear
    Draw it
    Write it
    Sing it
    Show it
    Perform it
    Publish it
    Trust me they will know tell it
    My dear tell it to them


    Comment by Adewale | March 20, 2010 | Reply

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