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PLAYAHATIN’ (The story of Mr. Nice)

Sometimes the babes ignore him

‘cos he’s so frighteningly cute

Dependable and honest

All those proper sounding "virtues"

They seek one after another

Their chance with the players

Who look what they are not

And what they may yet not be

Who break their hearts

"To hell babe, your tenure’s expired

Watch their mouth form O

A necessary precursor to the deluge of tears that follow

But hey whad’ya know, Mr. Nice consoles them;

‘cos no matter what he’s always there

And when its time to settle down

When suddenly like a slowly appearing

And suddenly obvious daylight

They find he’s the one

He’s gone like a wisp of smoke

Alas he’s become hardened

Another like him got a lucky break

It hurts so when they come back

In tears with their sorry tales

To good men who have always been there.


©2008 Dotun Adejuyigbe


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