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Shall I tell?

I look into the eye

Of the baby called today


I speak of a lost generation

Waiting to be revived


I speak of raw stones

Waiting to be polished


I speak of time

Waiting to be captured


I speak of a future

Being mortgaged today


I speak of hollow homes

Fractured by the life’s demands


I speak of children

Left to their own devices


I speak of legacies

Being buried with the dead


I speak of tears

Becoming the norm


I speak of an unplanned future

Of a future I fear

If there are no sutures

Of love and care

Holding the present and past

Till at last we reach

The town of hope


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa


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Why ’twas only

’twas only yesterday

I saw John Goodman lonely

Like a solitary needle in hay

Surrounded by manly

Yet in the midst of none

"What ails thee my friend". "plenty"

" I’ll thank you, kind sir to lend me your gun"

I sat with him to hear a tale

That brought tears to his eyes

"O human nature, how frail"

he had loved a woman of ice

Who had made a plaything out of a kind man

Who finally summoned courage to ask

But, nay, he’d always be her "dear man"

In a confusing answer that took him to task


Why ’twas only this morn

’twas this cheerless morning I’m sure

I heard a haughty John Goodman say

As he a good woman scorned

The light in his eyes was long gone

Replaced by the gloomy darkness of rage

It’s over woman, begone

Your tears move me none,

Love, Bah, its for fools

And my wise heart has been schooled.


©2008 Dotun Adejuyigbe

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Just before you came

I knew I was me

my thoughts trailing

through the tides of time


When you came

my thinking stopped

I started sailing

rapidly like a boat


I found all of me in you

believing still it’s me

did you choose me or

pray! did I find you?


can’t tell which way now

I see me deep down in you


© Folasade Bello

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PLAYAHATIN’ (The story of Mr. Nice)

Sometimes the babes ignore him

‘cos he’s so frighteningly cute

Dependable and honest

All those proper sounding "virtues"

They seek one after another

Their chance with the players

Who look what they are not

And what they may yet not be

Who break their hearts

"To hell babe, your tenure’s expired

Watch their mouth form O

A necessary precursor to the deluge of tears that follow

But hey whad’ya know, Mr. Nice consoles them;

‘cos no matter what he’s always there

And when its time to settle down

When suddenly like a slowly appearing

And suddenly obvious daylight

They find he’s the one

He’s gone like a wisp of smoke

Alas he’s become hardened

Another like him got a lucky break

It hurts so when they come back

In tears with their sorry tales

To good men who have always been there.


©2008 Dotun Adejuyigbe

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Till I believe

It won’t be real

Till I believe

It won’t hurt me

Till my heart comes to accept

That the voices out there

Are really the voices I need to hear

That the echoes or resonance of other’s thoughts

Echoes what should really be

Till my heart stops standing

Till my inner voice chooses silence

Over that which I know to be true

It won’t really be

Till I believe


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa

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Mama’s Wisdom

How lovely and pretty I’ll look;
if only this dress I had!
"Not so lovely and pretty my dear-
For all that glitters isn’t gold!"
…And that’s what my mama said.

So alluring and beckoning that is;
the callings of that ice cream van!
"Yes,very enticing I’ll say-
but much of creamy simply is fatty!"
…For that’s what my mama said.

Quite young and wrong I was;
to give my heart all out!
"So stale and bitter it always is-
a love gone cold and sour!"
Oh!Mama, how always right you were!!!
…And that, now, I’ll always know.


© Folashade Bello

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