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Tick tick tick, the seconds slip away
Sting sting sting, the tummy sings in pain
The click of the door I almost could hear
Oh finally, the familiar greeting I heard:
"Good morning, Sandwich man".

Not a word flew back his way
Not even a semblance of a greeting!
He probably doesn’t command such a great crowd I presume.
Not one word thrown down his lane.

But wait! An exodus of people I see!!!
Managers, Heads of Departments, and team members as well.
All hurrying to the call of the sandwich man!
…Well, maybe not to him really,
But the pull of his sandwich just would do!

And as I hear him say once again:
"Thank you, bye-bye, see you tomorrow",
I cannot but smile yet again –
What power he has over all men here,
Neither he nor they probably know.
Another sandwich day yet is come.

© 2004 Folashade Bello


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