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Like the vulture I wait like the eagle to fly

Like the vulture I wait

Like the eagle to fly

High into the skies above I’ll fly

Far above places we’ve seen

To places I’ve dreamed


There’s so much I’ve not seen

But wait they will

Every day I live

With my past that’s been

Make up my future that will be


I will dine with Kings

I will dance with Queens

I’ll build a castle the sky to touch

With the lord by my side

to be my torch


Like the mountains I stand

In my world to plan

So much to do I’ll say again

But time once lost we can’t regain


I know one day I’ll leave this place

For a place so high the skies displace

But after me my works on earth remain

And every where you go my hymn you’ll hear

On the lips of the saints as they watch at night


Like the vulture I wait

Like the eagle to fly.


©2000 Kunle Adejuyigbe


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