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It is said of Yeats I think


What instruments we have tell us the day he died was bleak and cold

Well then the day you died,

‘Twas a roaring storm

That shook the foundations of the entire offshore platform

And made men at sea pray to God to spare them

When an iron structure with roots in the sea bed

Waved in a cruel waltz that made the hair on your head stand

With the anemometer pirouetting in an eye boggling spin.

Yet in me I could not connect it

Till a phone call the next day to say

"Prof. don mud"

Marking my entry into another phase of existence

Some insist it was my initiation to manhood

Was it?

All I knew

As I tried to find the pictures

To understand it with

Was that

Daddy was dead.


©2001 Dotun Adejuyigbe


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Mental Pabulum 6

There is always something new to learn.

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Like the vulture I wait like the eagle to fly

Like the vulture I wait

Like the eagle to fly

High into the skies above I’ll fly

Far above places we’ve seen

To places I’ve dreamed


There’s so much I’ve not seen

But wait they will

Every day I live

With my past that’s been

Make up my future that will be


I will dine with Kings

I will dance with Queens

I’ll build a castle the sky to touch

With the lord by my side

to be my torch


Like the mountains I stand

In my world to plan

So much to do I’ll say again

But time once lost we can’t regain


I know one day I’ll leave this place

For a place so high the skies displace

But after me my works on earth remain

And every where you go my hymn you’ll hear

On the lips of the saints as they watch at night


Like the vulture I wait

Like the eagle to fly.


©2000 Kunle Adejuyigbe

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Mental Pabulum 5

First impression matters but there’s something called second chances.   For him who is given a second chance, great opportunities can sometimes emerge.

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The rose danced with the wind


Many thought it ridiculous

What! with the restlessness of the Wind

And the placid abiding of the Rose


But O, the sight remains in my mind still

Of an improbable dream come true


For it was just a day ago

When the ubiquitous, shapeless,

Formless Wind


Together with the beautiful, shapely, scented

Stationary, thorny, Rose


Hand in hand and

Heart to heart as only they could


Yes it was yesterday

When the skies lent the moon for lights

While the stars sprinkled the earth showers of golden sparks


Then, the Rose,

Danced with the Wind.


© 2007 Dotun Adejuyigbe

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Mental Pabulum 4

Perfect timing is a matter of perspective and perspective is a subject of the individual .

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Shall all arise?

In one language speak

Shall color no more

Be the language of love


Shall we all wake in the dawn?

Bask in the sunlight

Rest at twilight

With frisson in our hearts


Shall the music of change

Bring a rhythm

That would last beyond the dance

With the message of chance


Shall the echoes of the speech

Ring true in our hearts

Deep beyond the reach

Of the human eye


Has the veil of color been moved?

Can ability! Can labor! Can sweat!

Be allowed to sift

The wheat of selection?


Shall the oven of color

Bake no more in the hearts of men

The inferior bread

Without recourse to the taste


Shall jobs be free for all?

Can qualified be demystified

Can stardom be thrown?

At random to all


Can we say?

As we pray

That `A Change has come!’


© 2009 Derin Onokpasa

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Writing Prompt 3

Need a story starter? Here is an easy way to get one – go out.  At the mall, or even in the grocery stores, sometimes at the gym but most probably everywhere you go; you are most likely to overhear somebody else’s conversation even without making a deliberate attempt at it.  Write down whatever you hear today even if it doesn’t make sense.  When you get back home, think about it as something your main character would say and create a story about why he/she said it.

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