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Mental Pabulum 3

Saving pennies doesn’t make you rich but it gets you on your way.


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Writing Prompt 2

Pick up a newspaper or magazine, open to any page. Pick a headline.  Randomly open to different pages and pick 3 – 5 random sentences.  Using the sentences as the beginning of your paragraphs, write an article for your chosen headline. 

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Writing Prompt 1

I find that using writing prompts can sometimes help resolve a writer’s block. So here’s one to give you a push if you need one today.

Pick a favorite song (contemporary or not) just regular song from any genre or even one from a hymn book and write another verse to it.

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Thinking of Michael Jackson

The recent death of Michael Jackson reminded me of this poem I wrote a few years ago titled If I should die (see below).  When I dug the poem out and read it, I could see why it had come to my mind

Michael has indeed accomplished his life’s work and left his and ideas as legacy not just for those alive today but for generations of people who are yet unborn.  We need not weep for Michael but celebrate his life for this is one man who went empty -  to the grave giving to life all he had to give.

So here’s to Michael who had given so much to our world – Rest in Peace and thanks for not being selfish. Thank you for giving all you had to make the world a better place.



If I should die

If I should die this day

Roll out the drums and celebrate

Let no eye be moist

Let no tear drop

For when I die

My life’s work is done


Many came in the world before me

Others came when I did

Lots have come after me

And many more are yet to come

Millions have died unfulfilled

Pregnant with ideas

They were laid to rest

Life and purpose dead and gone

Buried under cold stone slabs


This prayer did pass across my lips

Lord let this not be my lot

Give me the strength to run my course

And A sense of purpose

For focus each day

God faithful as He is

Promised me grace to run the race


Thus if this be the day I die

Weep not for me I say

For when I die

I go empty to the grave

Every one of my dreams fulfilled

My mission fully accomplished

My vision and ideas as legacy I leave

For those who are yet to be

© 2001 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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Mental Pabulum July 18, 2009

You can never change a person, you only change their thoughts and you don’t really change their thoughts you merely subdue one for another which means the subdued thought can resurface at any time.

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Mental Pabulum

I’m adding a new category of posts called mental pabulum which in everyday English means – food for thought.  Watch out for the weekly posts and leave your comments.

Here is the Mental Pabulum for this week:

People who are envious of you will always try to put you down. They never recognize your successes instead they magnify your weaknesses. They would never let you forget your failures. The reason for their behavior is this: the only way they get to feel better about themselves and move past their own failures is either by putting by on the same level as themselves or by putting you beneath them. What you need to do, is to flee from the company of such people otherwise you’ll only end up seeing yourself as a failure all the time. Pause and think on this.

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Tell Father I cried


I cried for the loss of a father

For the loss of innocence

I cried for being made to grow up in an instant

For being told not to cry


I cried because I knew

It would never be the same

I cried for the loss of counsel

That only a father could give


I cried for children like me

Whose silent tears were never heard

For being made a shoulder

Whence indeed, I needed a shoulder


I cried for the burden of a mother

So young and timid

Her silence so loud, I could hear it speak

Agonies of her heart, no one would know


I cried for him

Death came too quickly

I cried for my tomorrow

With no father in it

I cried for the songs in the night

That only I could hear

I cried with all my might

Perhaps I might bear


The loss of a father

© 2008 Aderinola Onokpasa

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