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Jungle Justice



Ingrate’s men are wailed the tree

I give to him the air he breathes

I shelter him in the storm

Yet grateful to me he wouldn’t be

He cuts me up and drains my blood

My limbs he uses for his fire

Ah such agony he gives to me

For to my children he does the same

You think that agony says the sea

I give to him the clouds he needs

I bear him unto distant lands

Yet with dyes he poisons me

And perhaps you haven’t heard

How he from the cradles my children snatches up

A murderer him I would call

How he loves you both says the sky

I shelter him from the sun

Dangerous gases I keep away

Yet my face he does not want to see

Thus with smoke and gases he chokes me up

And all because he has the power

An oppressor that’s what he is

Shut you all up says the land

What of I who hold you all in place

I give to man a stepping stone

But what does he give in return

Large holes he digs into me

And my innards he exploits

My liver he uses for a chain

My spleen for his earrings use

My heart uses he for his fuel

And now I hear you all cry out

What more agony could be

Greater than this

Aye all you call man that he is and more

A destroyer that’s my name for him

What do we they all cried out?

For we can see he respects us not

I will began the land

Refuse the holes in me to refill

“And I will……” he also says

Under the sea hide my face

Then…. said the sea with glee

I will flood all his lands

His poisons I also will

Give back to him for his drink

Then the sky says to them

I will roll up my skirts right away

And let the wicked gases have their way

As for me says the tree

I will no children bear again

One day none of me he will find

To build his fire then he’ll die from cold

How then they clapped and rejoiced

A way out…… they all had found

To deliver justice unto man


© 1999 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).


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Will you be there

Sometimes I feel all alone in a world so cold

Sometimes I’m afraid to face tomorrow

Sometimes the Sun refuses to shine on me

Sometimes the world turns it’s back on me

Sometimes I look for shelter from the storm but I find none

Sometimes friends become fiends

Sometimes pain makes my whole day

Sometimes I feel lost in a world so small

Sometimes I ask myself if God is not but a name

Sometimes I feel roads lead nowhere

Sometimes I search for love but I find none

Sometimes I feel the world is not a place to be

Sometimes I search in vain for a shoulder to lean on

Sometimes feel I just can’t go on

In times like these will you be there for me?

© 2000 Adekunle Adejuyigbe

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As I lay me down to rest

Thoughts of the day gone

Memories of challenges overcame

And reflections of dreams yet unfulfilled

Flicker across my weary mind


I fell asleep

Yet my brain would not

And through the night

Countless thoughts it did recall

Filling my mind with dread

for the coming day


What fights lie in stock?

What challenges coming on?

What strategy to employ

Yet these all eluded me

For the day was yet to come


I woke up at dawn

A smile across my kips

No matter what lies before

I never would give up


© 1999 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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Out of the shadows

I’m coming out of the shadows

long has my face been hid

now I push aside the veil of doubts

reaching out,

I embrace the light of truth.

Risk is a normal part of life

failures too another norm

he who would in life succeed

must learn to put doubt and fear

in their place

far behind his eyes

that he may see his dream

and fight to make them real.


For ages fear held me in its grips

and terrified that I should fail

I sought solace in the abyss of despair

too scared to take a risk

now that truth has shed its light on me

i have courage found

to take a step and dare to hope

that my dreams are within my grasp.


Though doubts and fears lurk still

in some corners of my mind

if the shadows will be no more

I must be strong and move ahead

a step at a time the way to go

then I am certain to attain

that which I now clearly see

right before my eyes.


© 2009 Tomi Akinyanmi

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After the night


After the night

the dawn will break

after the dawn

the sun would rise

the sun will chase the night away

ushering in a brand new day

it’s as sure as life itself

after the darkness of the night,

there comes the light of day

© 2001 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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