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When will the sun rise

The sun has set

And darkness covers the land

With it, all the elements of the night reign

The moon, beautiful in its radiance,

Shines but a feeble light which makes no impression

On the night’s thick armor of darkness

I hear the lonely wolf’s dismal howl in the distant mist

Lost hounds bark hopelessly in search of a way home

And I begin to see how much like the night- life the human life is

I hear the lonely child weeping silently as it searches for a friend

I see travelers become wanderers in the woods of life

I feel the pain of hearts broken in separation as lovers get lost in the dark

And I ask myself how long we will survive in this unrepentant darkness

I fall on my knees and

‘Oh God’, I pray, ‘comfort us in this present darkness ‘

But deep in me I ask the lord

How much longer shall we wait

For the Sun to rise again.

© 2000 Adekunle Adejuyigbe


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A change

When I started this blog, I meant for it to be a poetry blog but I am now convinced that it should be more.  So I’vte decided that from here on out, it would be a literary blog .  I will feature not only poetry but different topics related to writing and the literary world.   Posts would include poetry as well as tips on being a successful writer and author and hopefully, book reviews.

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The Transformation

Ring the bells

Let the people gather

This moment the unbelievable has occurred

The ice maiden

Aye the very ice maiden

Of many our young men’s dreams

Has at last been thawed

It’s not by the heat of the sun

Nor was she set on the boil

It took but a mere arrow

Shot from cupid’s tiny bow

Now her once frozen eyes

Light like the stars

The icicles that were her limbs

are forever gone

Wait on the balustrades

Watch her walk with her lover on the street

Behold for yourself the power of love

It’s made a woman of an ageless stone.

© 2000 Ibitomilade Adejuyigbe (aka Tomi Akinyanmi).

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