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Well, welcome to minstrel where I discuss contemporary poetry.  Poetry is not bland, poetry is not dull and it is certainly not boring.

A lot of people have a misconception about poetry but I personally believe that such people have not come across the right kind of poems.  Perhaps if they were to be told that a lot of the music they hear started as verses of poetry they might start to reconsider thier views on poetry.

Anyways here’s what I hope to achieve on this blog:  Bring different kinds of poetry to my readers in the hope that they would come across a poem that would mean something to them such that they would start to pay attention  to poetry.

So if you have a wonderful poem to share, send it to takinyanmi@gmail.com.  I must however say that not every poem I recieve will be posted.  I reserve the right to choose what I believe would be right for my purpose and my audience.  Your comments are always welcome of course.


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